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React OS Ideas

Post by Rodrigian »

- Download! -> Open Source aplications packed in DEB-like files, unnatended install/uninstall/update

- Native Windows Installers -> When an installer is executed, ROS should target the files modified and then when uninstalling, ROS should check and delete missing files

- "Driver Get" -> An application should be created, so to check the PC and seek in a server all the missing drivers. This also could be updated

- Themes -> Themes should be Windows compatible (UxTheme.dll) and also cursor/sounds/icons packs should be used, like in TuneUp Utilities, also new packages could be created within the OS

- Updates -> The Update software should update the Download! aplications, Drivers, an also the OS

- Errors -> Like in Windows XP, an error-send tool should be developed, so to make easy for newbies to submit OS Bugs

- "Devices" -> Something like "Device Stage" in Windows Seven, should be developed, with an Easy SDK so that everyone could develop easily the GUI for devices

- Also like in Windows Seven, energy save, should implemented, by preventing energy to be drained to USB ports that are not in use or shut down inactive processors

- Explorer -> The Explorer, should have an built-in compression/decompression utiliti, wich should be able to open many differnet file archives, and which could compress files in ZIP format (I not mension RAR, because ZIP is universal)

- Explorer -> Folder encryption should be a great feature also

React Media Player

The idea is to merge Songbird with VCL, so to make a player similar to WMP 11 in Windows


- Audio & Video Codecs (VCL)
- Open Well-known image types (This would prevent to have a spread image viewer)
- Open e-Books
- Coverflow (Songbird)
- ID3 Tag Editor (Songbird)
- Covers (Song albums/Movies/Books/Photos)
- CD/DVD Rip (Audio & Video)
- MTP Support (Songbird)
- Complete iPod Support (Songbird)
- Music Stores
- Music Brainz (To complete incomplete tag information)
- Skins & Plugins
- Equalizer (VCL)
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by coldReactive »

I hope your codecs include OGV and OGG Audio.

Not to mention, I would like to loop single files forever like in WMP.
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by Z98 »

Download: We are not going to repackage applications that already have Windows installers.

Update/Drivers: No comment, as right now the team hasn't actually gotten around to thinking about a design for the update infrastructure. This is a non-trivial problem and would probably require a few months at least to hash out.

Native Windows Installers: What?

Errors: For future consideration.

Explorer: Maybe. Would be useful, but then again Windows already has support for certain ZIP files. Encryption is also something that won't be considered until much later, and this is a much lower level item than being in the shell.

Media Player: Neither of the two you mentioned are written in the Win32 API in C and thus would never be considered for inclusion in ROS. I am assuming you are referring to the VLC media player.
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by Phalanx »

Rodrigian wrote:React Media Player

The idea is to merge Songbird with VCL, so to make a player similar to WMP 11 in Windows
There are many problems with that:
  • Would be programming hell
  • Would not fit in source tree as both require many extra libaries and large file sizes
  • Does not use direct show so installed codecs/containers/plugins would not work which is the whole idea of WMP
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by Rodrigian »

so the downloader only downloads the instaler and then the user has to install it manualy??

it would be easier to be unattended, also this would encourage the common users to use open source aplications. Imagine that i want to install winrar, but i decide to use the download tool. It would be the same to enter the winrar download page and download manualy winrar instead of installing MANUALY 7 zip from download

i still think that it would be better to repack them, so to make the instalation more unatended. I could install a bunch of programs while i drink coffe and without moving a single muscle
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by Z98 »

Our objective is not to promote the usage of one type of applications over another. And the Download tool is not meant to act as a package manager in the first place. It provides essentially a single point to get at a list of applications for convenience purposes. As you may have noticed, we also have links to proprietary applications in Download.
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by vicmarcal »

Rodrigian wrote:so the downloader only downloads the instaler and then the user has to install it manualy??
Well the Downloader downloads the App and launchs the Installer.But then yes,you have to click continue,next,cntinue.
If you want to make a Downloader which installs in ghost mode then you are free to send us the patches or the whole app.
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by GreyGhost »

1.ROS is doing the job of providing an OS .. Repacking and mantaining and updating software repos is outa question .. downloading from the official provider is best ..
2.Mantaining a media player in house is just a big pain .. Just link to VLC ..
3.Drivers? Generic drivers will be provided .. The 3d party drivers are the users job.. maintainin such a large driver db would be hell .. Instead there are web services which already do that i think .. (But manual is the best way anyway..)
4.Native Windows Installers by that u mean something similar to apt? that wldnt be too compatible to Win i think'll need such systems for each and every installer (even 3rd party .. or stuff will stop workin if u uninstall one app whereas a dll was used by some other)
5.Themes will be Windows compatible at some point of time ..
6.Updates and errors have been discussed elsewhere in the forum refer to that ..
7.IMO installs arent supposed to be unattended..
8.Explorer Zip .. jst installin 7zip should be enuf .. but yeah that would be a nice feature .. as for encryption .. too early atm ..
Regards GreyGhost
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by frmariam »

I think I'm gonna love this project :)
As for suggestions:

Current one really needs to be updated (if the roadmap is correct we'll see this in version 0.4). I'd love to see a tabbed explorer. Something based on Explorer++ (which is open source) would be great! But it should keep dual/multiple folder view since it's usefull. It could combine both methods (something in the lines ExplorerXP but more polished).

Functions to roll-up windows (like Winroll), order/group items in startbar (like Taskix. Also funtions to minimize to taskbar, make a window always on top, snap to the screen limits/other windows/startbar would be great!

Media Player:
Don't really see the need for an extra fancy bloated player to be built-in. I can't say I've ever rellied in WMP in my machine. I think that something like Media Player Classic would be perfect. Only better if you made an MPC like shell for mplayer, like more developped MPUI (similar to SMPlayer). This last option would be light, small and play almost everything without the need for external codecs
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Re: React OS Ideas

Post by Haos »

Shell integration at the moment requires a hell of a COM coding job, but its being talked. As for Media Player, there are plenty of those around...
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