Firefox graphical oddities

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Firefox graphical oddities

Post by 47_MasoN_47 »

I just installed ROS 0.3.9 on VirtualBox 2.1.4 OSE and it seems to work just fine. I used the downloader to install Firefox to browse the Internet, but the font is all messed up and there are a lot of graphical errors. I can take a screen shot if you need. Also, whenever I try to open a new tab in Firefox, FF crashes.

I know that 3rd party apps aren't a priority by any stretch, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has similar issues.

By the way I'm running VirtualBox on Ubuntu 9.04.

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Re: Firefox graphical oddities

Post by Lone_Rifle »

Most of the issues are already known. Feel free to browse our bugzilla and if you don't find something that matches your symptoms, file a report. See also: .

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Re: Firefox graphical oddities

Post by hto »

Firefox 3 already exposed many bugs. I think there are many more. If you want to help, please file bug reports.

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