ReactOS 0.3.9 and Java

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ReactOS 0.3.9 and Java

Post by theuserbl »

I have tested Suns Java 6 Update 12 on ROS 0.3.9 and find two good and two bad points.

The goods things:

1. In ReactOS 0.3.8 and before, Java causes a BlueScreenOfDeth.
On ReactOS 0.3.9 it isn't anymore so.

2. I have copied the JRE (not the complete JDK) to ROS and the most Command-Line programs runs very well. I have also tried out "ecj" (Eclipse Compiler for Java) which is a big programs and runs also without problems. So it is possible to write on ROS 0.3.9 Java-programs, compile them and then run then - if they are console-programs.

The bad things:

1. Neither the installer for the JDK nor for the JRE works. So that I have copied the JRE-directory of my Windows-System to ROS.
But it seems, that there was a time between ROS 0.3.8 and 0.3.9 where the installer works:
Sadly on ROS 0.3.9 it isn't so.

2. All GUI-programs, which are using Swing or AWT are first do after starting a very long time nothing, and then it outputs an error message from the JVM, that there is an error in nt.dll.
But it seems, that there was a time between ROS 0.3.8 and ROS 0.3.9, where it also works:
Sadly on ROS 0.3.9 it isn't so.

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Post by hto »

The blue screen of death was bug 4128, it was fixed. Now Java VM crashes in the final phase of installation, bug 4176. There is also minor bug 4178.

If you know more bugs, please file bug report(s).
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