Keyboard selection restricted by language since 0.3.8??

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Keyboard selection restricted by language since 0.3.8??

Post by steveh »

i have compiled reactos many times since 2006 from trunk and also releases 0.2.x/0.3.x

Since release 0.3.8, and also trunk from end 2008 on, i find that there is a significant change in behaviour of keyboard selection in the first stage installer.

I have a swiss-french keyboard, but i always prefer installation in english language.
In older reactos snapshots and releases, before mid-2008 (??) i could choose without any problem an english-us OS language, and the swiss-german keyboard layout (because there was no swiss-french one)

Now since 0.3.8 and recent trunk, if i have chosen "english us" in the language selection, then the keyboard installer only shows me an english-us keyboard layout as possible choice!
I must choose Swiss-German language to be able to choose swiss-german keyboard as well?

Is this a known feature change/regression?
Or a known bug?
Or a problem unknown to other people (that would mean just my compilation has a problem?)
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Post by hto »

It's a known feature (or maybe misfeature).

See base/setup/usetup/muilanguages.h file and lang subdirectory.

You can change keyboard layout on the Control Panel, though…

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