Support for JFS?

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Support for JFS?

Post by tomleem »

Will there be support for the journaling file system? I have heard that there is work on a bootable JFS.
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Post by Linuxhippy »

Why? JFS is just another jounaling filesystem arround..., I haven't heard that something is in change...
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Post by Pentiumforever »

personally i hope that so much Filesystems are included as possibel!
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Post by forart »

pentiumforever wrote:personally i hope that so much Filesystems are included as possibel!
Ehm, OpenBFS too
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Post by A-v-S »

Yes, OpenBFS support would be nice, to acces my BeOS partition.
I like BeOS, so direct acces to its partition would be nice .. ;)

But first we need more windows compatibility, file system support is important, but windows compatibility is more important for now.
If most windows programs work, then file system support can be added, not now, not yet.
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