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Re: [IDEA] Download! -er the ros-Downloader

Post by b4dc0d3r »

Right now the answer seems to be "no the official build won't include that" - but there is no emphasis on the idea that if someone wants to preinstall something on an iso of ROS, they really can.

If I were doing the dev work, I would look for an out to say "thanks but that's not my department, call the operator". My point is, instead of the typical debate and explanations about keeping things minimal, the standard response can be just "there is a place for those ideas, don't forget to read the sticky". Users will still put their junk all over the place, but this gives:

1) a standard, simple response
2) hopefully some clarity around what will be in the basic, official build vs. a distro
3) a single location for suggestions, which might be helpful if someone actually wants to make a distro
4) consistent info in the sticky: these are just ideas, won't be in the official build, and if you want to see it happen do it yourself - even a "howto" maybe for adding binaries and registrations to the setup scripts

It gives the forum moderators a way to say "no sorry no votes or arguing or all this nonsense, post your idea over here and this thread is closed thanks", but more politely. Or "that's all fine and dandy, but we're doing work here so if you don't mind....". Or even better "I guess you should install that app, test it thoroughly, and report bugs with good debug logs because right now it probably doesn't even work yet so be a peach and let us know would ya kthx".

You can even call it the "You can be your own OEM and pre-install all of the adware, trial versions, desktop clutter and unnecessary startup items you want" forum to get your point across :) Regardless, it's not too early to think about pulling this stuff together so that a motivated user can make a decent, well-received distro by the time .40 hits - Windows distros haven't really been tried before and it will need some tweaking, as well as selecting the right things to install. And all in a place you can choose to ignore if you want, rather than mixed in with everything. Or at least get the idea out there "You know, you can do this yourself if you really want to"

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Re: [IDEA] Download! -er the ros-Downloader

Post by GoBusto »

Having a distro forum might be a good way to actually drive home the idea that Distros Solve Everything for the many people who post "I THINK REACTOS SHOULD HAVE XYZ PREINSTALLED BECAUSE I LIKE IT" all over the show. Every one of these threads turn into massive arguments about why the various forum members like/hate Firefox/AVG/Spybot/Quake Shareware and why they should/shouldn't be included with "ReactOS" (rather than "a ReactOS distro").

Even if people still posted their ideas in other forum areas, at least having a DistroLand forum would state a basic point that many people seem to miss:
ReactOS is an OPERATING SYSTEM. It is NOT A DISTRO. DISTROS come with Firefox, AVG, Crysis, etc. preinstalled. OPERATING SYSTEMS do NOT. OPERATING SYSTEMS are what you build DISTROs out of.
The problem is that people seem to mentally associate ReactOS with Windows rather than Linux or BSD in this case: "There Is Only One Version, The Official ReactOS From reactos.org, So If I Want A Feature Then I Will Need To Argue To Get It Included In The Main ReactOS Install." What they should be thinking is: "I Can Create My Own Version Of ReactOS With Firefox Preinstalled. Maybe I Can Put My Custom .ISO Up For Download So That Others May Benefit."

Possibly these distros would have to lose the "ReactOS" logos and brand name, since they won't be the original ReactOS - OpeNT is the name I keep using for a theoretical, third-party distro, although there was mention of the "GEactOs" project (ReactOS with GeoShell installed by default) somewhere, possibly in the Off Topic section (EDIT: Here it is).

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Re: [IDEA] Download! -er the ros-Downloader

Post by Blackcrack »


it should be the on headpage unequivocally wrote that his Reactos a reaction to Microsoft and Windows
it is a Win32 system. The bold and wide Reactos on headpage of Reactos Homepage. For any "Dau"
who running around on the net *bg* So, and for understand the last Linux-User shold it be write..
(i be a Linuxuser too*lol*) *lol*
Now, realy, it shold better write to be Ros a Win32 on Headpage befor he can go to the Forum or anywhat..

ReactOS Win32/Win2003 Orderingsystem

and in my humble oppinion for a new PollTopic or New Forum or how ever be say like "Reactos Distriebution" i be pro too and find the idea good too. Now (maby not totaly finisch it is Reactos) it is the best Time to start try to make a Distro like Linuxdistro with other programms too but is shold be a new workgroup of it who can get feetback direcktly to the programmers of Reactos how programm need this or how programm need other.
It's a good idea too to testing direcktly programms into reactos who can get technikal feetback to the Reactprogrammers. It's a place for 3rd Program-Programmers too to can question and feetback direcktly to reactos.

I am very pleased that this idea at all times on the table was laid, it is very realistic in my opinion.

best Regards

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