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Re: Implemented or Not

Post by encoded »

Why it is not possible to run the test suite from wine on reactos?
Oh but it is...
we import winetests on a regular basis see ... winetests/

Furthermore i think this thread is retarded, you seem to be talking about win32 dlls, which 99% come from wine (see ... iew=markup for details).. ..

they have lists of implemented and unimplemented stuff and I cannot find an exact function per function list, but I didn't look very hard. The exercise is left up to the reader.

The fact that no one in the forum, not even the moderators, can answer these questions is pitiful.
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Re: Implemented or Not

Post by boomhauer »

cool, i came on here to see if this was being discussed and found this thread ;)

I remember the mono project had something of a treeview showing all the .net libraries and their status (green/yellow/red light). the cool thing was it would show a percentage number for each tree branch for how complete the node was.
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