A suggestion to the ReactOS team!

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A suggestion to the ReactOS team!

Post by bbsmitho »

I have a lot of hopes attached to your operating system. It would be a boon for the OS world since it could end the current monopolistic set up of Microsoft Windows in the desktop OS world. Your reaction was just and I wish you succeed in your plans. I would like to draw your attention to another monopolistic set up within the OS world which is even more strict than that MS Windows one. Its the Apple Machintosh set up where not only they have monopoly over the OS but complete hardware as well. They have made their own world in which they have a complete monopoly. Their current operating system Leopard OS x occupies around 6% of worldwide desktops. A lot of people have requested them since a long time to make their operating system available for normal computers too but they have not done that. There are online communities like http://www.osx86project.org/ where people mod and patch their OS to run on their PCs. The Leopard OS x is also a very nice operating system and people are crazy for that. What if in reaction you also begin your efforts for the Apple OS x same as you are doing for Windows? That would be a great service to the opensource community as well as every one wishing to install that OS on their machines. If you take that step people would greately support your move and that would increase their interest in your project. Also that would be very beneficial for your current project. Also I would suggest you to collaborate with large Linux companies such as Ubuntu or Suse with your current project as well as the one I suggested as that would increase your capabilities in a lot of ways. What you think about that? Please let us know. Thanks and with my best wishes and regards. :)

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Re: A suggestion to the React team!

Post by GoBusto »

If you find enough developers who are interested in doing such a project, you are welcome to go ahead and start coding. Don't expect any of the ReactOS dev team to get involved, though - they're cloning Windows because they like Windows, not OSX.

OSX is based on the BSD project (which is Open Source) and NeXTstep (see Openstep and GNUstep). The OSX kernel (Darwin) is also Open Source, so there's your starting point.

You might also like to collaborate with that guy who wants to start a Free-9x project, since you both want to start a new OS and could help each other find artists and coders and stuff.

I wish you both good luck if you decide to go ahead with your plans.
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Re: A suggestion to the React team!

Post by z180 »

I have a laptop that is saidto be Rhapsody compatible.
Rhapsody is a beta release of OS X that was for PPC and x86 and looks very different.

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Re: A suggestion to the React team!

Post by FlyingIsFun1217 »

Nevermind, I got what you meant.


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