Minimum Requirement

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Minimum Requirement

Post by PsyDonia »

What is the minimum Requirement for ReactOS.

then one more question to all.
What is the slowest computer that you have run ReactOS on.

My computer that has ROS on it has intel 350mhz 256mb ram.
I have use ROS before on my old intel 200mhz with 128mb ram.
But that computer is not working anymore.

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Re: Minimum Requirement

Post by GoBusto »

The official System Requirements are given here.

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Re: Minimum Requirement

Post by z180 »

The system requirements page should be updated ,
I think that ReactOS requires:
A Pentium CPU ,64 MB RAM ,120 MB Free Space ,VESA 1.2 GFX,and IDE or SATA HDD and CDROM.

A few years ago I tried to boot without a Harddisk and failed.
I said in an other thread that forum readers should write about successfull
Live CD boots or installs on slow or very small or old computers.

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