Why ReactOS runs so slowly?

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elhoir asked: ?
am i wrong if i say that the only piece of software that is different from an architerture to another is the HAL layer?

I answer:!
I also read this (maybe Microsoft stated it).Reactos needs more
code also in ntoskrnl.exe changed like interrupt handling and memory management(browse SVN).Arty did much work some time
ago and freeldr runs already.Someone made screenshots of freeldr
on QEMU but for testing you will need a cross compiler.
If Windows porting is said to be so easy
why is there no Windows NT 4.0 for PowerMac G3/G4 ?
Also even the NUBUS PPC Macs could be upgraded to 520 MB RAM
altough apple said 72MB and the blue and white G3 up to 1GB.The
other problem is that some hardware drivers are missing in reactos for mac specific devices.Apple dropped
floppy drives with the first IMac which is ok for reactos.
I believe that almost all devs dont have a mac.

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z180 wrote:I believe that almost all devs dont have a mac.
That is a big possibility. MACOS wasn't built for coding; it was built for graphics handling beyond normal Windows handling for the time (IE: When Windows could only go up to thousands of colors, Mac could go up to millions.) Anyway, this doesn't really apply anymore with the new macs. They recently signed with Intel, and now are using Intel Processors/Chipsets so that Windows OS can be installed onto newer macs.

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