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Should 0.3.6 be a bug fixing release?

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Post by linuxgx »

Releases are necessary because they give people a sense of progress they other wise would be blind to.

In actuality though Ros is released at least once a day!

We should name our trunks after the latest release. For example (3.5.1 - 3.5.90). The final release trunk at x.x.90 should be the final build with the goal being that X.(x+1).0 is the bootable Release candidate. That way your working toward a bootable trunk, and a some what regular three month release cycle. There is no point to locking an Alpha for release, it just needs to boot. Other wise your fixing issue outside of the trunk which have to be written cleanly anyway.

Every time an application is locked before release the chance of hacked code increases, and that code cant be given back to the project. Do it once, do it right, and avoid creating branches that will only need to be cut down the road.
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