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Post by theRightNee »

i know there has been a lot of debate on the explorer and i would just want to say a few things
i think it is great going for the windows feel, since the project aims to bring the enslaved windows users to freedom, but...i personally do not enjoy the 2000 look. So in, perhaps .6?, future releases can there be multiple themes like they have in XP? Thus, some people can choose the older versions if they so choose, but there are some nicer, alpha-blended themes available as well.

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Well I`m pretty sure that at some point when the system is stable enough developers will implement themes support. Its just too early at the moment.

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Post by GoBusto »

There have been several threads on this topic in the Design forum. The 2000 look is here to stay, though there may be an option to install extra themes at some point, possibly via the Download! tool.

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