TsonicOS; edit of ReactOS?

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Post by SpoonmAn » Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:54 am

if someone takes a closer look at this "project",will see that it actualy looks like 90%photoshop and 10% a wired mind and nothing else. no mather what he is doing, he never will be something dangerous to reactos. maybe he is just a kid trying to impress some friends.

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Post by forart » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:04 pm

Hey, he has 5 components (3 devs, a tester and him, the project manager) in the team!

So I don't like to be unconstructive, then I posted a suggestion on his SF tracker to collaborate with my GNUWin project idea (aka Windows open sourcer).

BTW their -wrong- approach could be a dirty strategy to promote ROS: they've opened a sort of "fork" to attract peoples that, of course, will migrate to ROS after...
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Post by preston » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:26 pm

forart wrote:... BTW their -wrong- approach could be a dirty strategy to promote ROS: they've opened a sort of "fork" to attract peoples that, of course, will migrate to ROS after...
lol I don't want anyone attracted by TsonicOS to come here :-D.

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Post by manatails007 » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:21 pm

Anyways, I don't like TsonicOS at all

p.s. sorry for email address. I forgot that there were spam bots

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Post by EmuandCo » Sun Mar 02, 2008 5:46 pm

TsonicOS is Tsvetanmail's try to get a piece of our cake. He cant even code a single line of useful C Code, as he admitted several times already. (Well I can't too, but I can code Other Languages and know more of the stuff than he ever will. :-P ) He even asked me how >TO OPEN< C files for editing and modifying a String. (ReactOS -> TsonicOS). Lets get serious. He is no match to us and never will be. :-) If he ever removes one of my Copyright Headers, I personaly will sue him and his friends. He will vanish soon enough and till this day... Lets make fun of him ;-)
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Post by Haos » Sun Mar 02, 2008 6:33 pm

I think that this thread is pointless and should be locked. There is nothing to be discussed about TsonicOS. Why?

1. Whole affair started when their "project coordinator" started spamming our devs, first on irc, to leave ROS and join "his project". After a warning, when he kept spamming, he was banned. He tried the same thing on our forum, with the same result. So finally, he started spamming their email adresses.

2. He published a link to torrent on his previous forum, with leaked Win2k source code, and no DGMurdockIII, he KNEW what it was, as himself he was using the word "leaked". It was serious enough for his host to remove the whole site.

3. He also removed our copyright headers, as mentioned, it was also GPL violation.

4. He is not trustworthy. His ban on irc was removed for the short period, when he promised to stop spamming. Not only his email spams werent stopped, he immediately got back to spamming on irc. So he was banned again.

5. TsonicOS is really ReactOS. Only thing changed is Start menu title and a wallpaper. Everything else, starting from source code, up to Building Environment, is a direct copy of our stuff. Even their logo is a direct copypasta of ours. They ONLY copy stuff and call it THEIRS.

6. Their plans are enormous. They want to get rid of NT kernel and use some third party kernel, written in JAVA. They also want to replace windows drawing subsystem with X-windows and KDE. Now, dont get fooled by it. This guy is so knowledgeable, that he has to ASK US, how to install drivers in ROS or as EmuandCo mentioned, how to change a single string in C... He also asked us how to make X-Windows work in ROS, but this is another story.

To sum up, they`re just a bunch of clowns, not worthy of being mentioned. If any of you`re targetted by their spam, i suggest a violent and undiplomatic reply or reporting them as spammers to your ISP. Now, could someone lock this thread please?


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