question about rename command

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question about rename command

Post by hubi1809 »

Hello ,

while playing with my ROS installation i found that doing a rename of
a file results in doing a complete copy of the file , it seems that the
rename copies the file to a new one with the new name and makes an delete after its finished. I think this is different to how rename works
on windows (i think on fat normally only the name of the file is changed,
instead of doing a copy).
This can be a problem especially when renaming big files.

Will this behaviour change in later versions of ROS or will it be same as now ?



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Post by cppm »

If that is the behavior, then that should certainly change.

It's possible due to some underlying deficiency in the filesystem code.

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Post by linuxgx »

wow, I'm going to have to take a look at who coded that amusing little mistake, lol.

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Post by GreatLord »


u are correct abou how rename works.
it was only solvtions todo the rename when it was added to ros.
it is in vfat driver. then none have change that behoir

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