Confusion about mstsc.exe (Remote Desktop)

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Confusion about mstsc.exe (Remote Desktop)

Post by keytotime »

I noticed that Ged Murphy has been implementing the Remote Desktop application recently but this was also a SOC project in 2006, also both implementation are based on Rdesktop. Does this mean that the SOC project was a complete disaster then? Also what are the advantages of Ged Murphy's implementation.

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Post by GreatLord »

The SOC project for rdp was finish to a point it works, but some part have some bugs. What will happen with it I do not known.

Ged rdp client does working in ReactOS, it will proplare be in next release.

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Post by Ged »

The mstsc app which was written for the SoC project is a better implementation than what I am working on. However, I don't know the current state of it.

What I do know is that I am mostly implementing the connect dialog and plugging that into an minor modification of the existing rdesktop code.

The work I am doing will also be relevant for the SoC project, and should the original author of that code ever return, I will speak to him about what remains to be done on his port and I can continue that work and plug the dialog into that instead.

The method I have currently chosen was the fastest and most reliable way of getting a remote desktop client working in ros.

As GreatLord said, you can expect it to be in the next release.

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