where can I find the comment or some detailed documentary?

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where can I find the comment or some detailed documentary?

Post by lostlander »

I'm reading the source code, but there are no comments for functions and datastructures......

Also, there is no third-party documents analyzing the code....

Anyone here can give me some guidelines? Many thanks.

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Post by GreatLord »

ReactOS using documented strruct in most case, you can found them in msdn, OSR or in some books we are using.

We are lazy to write comment, for each devloper in ReactOS have high skill that can and understand code without comment, if start working in a smaller company, you will found no doc, no comment in the source code.
no UML digram or flow digram. you need be skill to read source code and understand the logic in programing. same thing with ReactOS you need read the source code and be good on anyalysing in the head how it works.

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Post by Ged »

I spoke to Fireball about this a few weeks ago, and we agreed that kernel all mode should be commented as per the kernel comment style.
It would also be useful to introduce comments for some usermode stuff too.

Hopefully, we'll be able to start improving the code comments within the coming years.

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Post by fennec »

I my opinion can interest someone i think adding comments would be great. I'm trying to get into code but sometime a little explanation would be welcome.

I've read/used .NET framework source code (that is freely available from MS) and there is a lot of useful comments in it.

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Post by oiaohm »

O boy fennec read licence on that. Yes you are allowed to read it but you are not allowed to work on particular projects after you have as a coder. Even some cases not even just documenting.

You are now currently forbin from working on mono project and pnet both .net replacement engines. You may also be forbin from working on sections here.

Nice of Microsoft any coder that reads it now has limited the project they can work on.

For the time being fennec testing and user documentation only for Reactos. Until someone can give a ruling on what you can and cannot touch. We don't need claims to taint.

First thing before reading any code fennec always read the licence so you work out if you are prepared to pay the price.

That .Net framework source code is not what you call free. It has nice long strings attached.

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Post by betaluva »

how can MS enforce those restricitions? are they going to compensate people for lost earnings? :x

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Post by oiaohm »

http://www.microsoft.com/resources/shar ... cense.mspx

They don't have to compensate. They can just directly sue you for breach of copyright. Or the project for breach of copyright. And it was you free option to read it or not. Once you have read you are stuck.

So basically once we know someone has read it that is code means to submit code to anything covered or relegated to what it contains is forbin. Basically Reactos will have no option. All of win32k development is now off limits fennec until sections can be approved not to be into conflit.

Now before anyone gets the bright idea of not telling Reactos and other project you are working with. If it ever comes out that project risked being sued as well as you. This includes projects like Reactos Wine and .Net replacements. The problem is no matter how hidden you think you can keep it most likely you will fail threw many methods. Doing code with flaws that exist in .net but are not part of the true win32 api and so on. Finger prints to taint.

It does not effect you if you are just producing .net applications.

You should never read code without understanding the license

That license also has other patent risks. It is really a bastard of a license.

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Post by etko »

I hate microsoft :)

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Post by Haos »

Then why etko do you use their products?:)
Use Linux:))

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Post by .aart3k »

But such fennec can write some pseudo-code or documentation about how ms'es .net works and some other fellow can implement it in mono/etc :)

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Post by Z98 »

Not necessarily.

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Post by oiaohm »

.aart3k were is the permission to do that.
"Reference use" means use of the software within your company as a reference, in read only form, for the sole purposes of debugging your products, maintaining your products, or enhancing the interoperability of your products with the software, and specifically excludes the right to distribute the software outside of your company.
No were in that does it allow creating documentation at all. It states clearly how you are allowed to use it and its very limited. You will need local laws to over ride the license. So not really usable to a global project. Note you are not even allowed to build the source code into a binary.

That license is toxic level 10. Fennec is going to pay a huge price for reading it. It done now and cannot be undone.

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