Are there any plans to make RectOS run under Xen?

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Are there any plans to make RectOS run under Xen?

Post by chrisv5 »

Sorry for the incomplete question in the title, but there are length limits. What I meant to ask is if there'll be a paravirtualized version of ReactOS? That would be really neat.

Yes, I know, ReactOS is a long way from home, I was just wondering if that would be something worth to try?

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Post by Z98 »

That depends if Xen has stopped changing their interface every release. If they have, we might investigate it. If they still haven't made up their minds, we don't have the manpower to attempt it.

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In time - Yes!

Post by Jaix »

So, in time we will have a Xen version, but as z98 said, Xen changes their interface all the time so new work has to be done between every version, we don't have time for that, but perhaps when we for example release a stable beta release and Xen has made a fixed interface it would be logic with a Xen version of ReactOS

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