Planning A Lan Party With Reactos

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Planning A Lan Party With Reactos

Post by hsncorrosion »

I know that Reactos is still under development but I want to know if it is stable enough for a lan party. Games like counterstrike, unreal tournament, etc.

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Post by mvent2 »

I really doubt it, but you could try. I know that the original UT works, not sure about Counterstrike.

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Post by oiaohm »

Lan party with Linux would be more games at moment.

Direct X not functional in Reactos. Kinda kills a lot of games straight up.

Along with it having other alpha relegated problems. I think running a Reactos Lan game network at moment thinking its still Alpha status. Would be in the book of 101 ways to have other people kill you threw you own foolishness. Gamers don't take to well to many BSOD's.

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