ReactOS v0.3.3-REL in VMware v5.5.1 bug

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ReactOS v0.3.3-REL in VMware v5.5.1 bug

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I have ReactOS v0.3.3-REL in VMware v5.5.1 installed and when I want to install VMware Tools, I choose the custon option and install it with all features except Shared Folders, it hangs on "Copying new files".

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This is because ReactOS still, as of now, does not support all of the features. Just use the video driver as the only selected feature, then reboot, and you'll atleast have graphics, asside from 3D Acceleration until ReactX, and even then VMWare 3D acceleration sucks. (But you can't blame them, its quite incredible to have it at all.)

Even if the other drivers load into the kernel properly, any of them that is, the odds are that somewhere along the pathway from the Kernel Interface, the user mode libraries, and the GUI on your screen, there will be a broken path making it unusable immediately.
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