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ReactOS Web Hosting

Post by hsncorrosion »

I was going to use lamppix to run a webhosting provider but was unsusessful with it. I'm am starting an open source webhosting provider only using free/open software and operating system. If I can get XAMPP to work on here then I am planing to use ReactOS to run my webhost. We shall see.

Please post any comments or questions you have here.

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Post by oiaohm »

Ok is this a Joke or stunt for laughs or did you just not the front page.

Reactos is not ready for commercial use yet. One of our developers runs a small web server from time to time for testing reasons. If it crashed so be it nothing important would be on it.

If you need something cheep and dependable for web servers and databases you have the option of Linux, FreeBSD or Solarais.

Yes in time the answer will change but not at the moment.

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Post by eXile »

At the time, Linux is a much better choice than ReactOS, simply because it is not alpha. Webserver = reliable != ReactOS (at least today).

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Post by Cristan »

It would be a cool test, and it could work (a ReactOS based webserver has been done before). But if you want to be taken at least a little serious, I strongly advise running a webserver on an operating system which isn't alpha anymore (Linux or Windows for example).

Besides: running an advanced webserver on ReactOS could be very hard because many software (like apache) doesn't work yet, and it is very unstable. If you have trouble getting LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to work, making a fully functional webserver with ReactOS will be almost impossible.

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Post by hsncorrosion »

With the comments given I think I'll just use Lamppix

Although eventually I would like to try it with reactos, I love what you guys are doing with it.

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Post by rosuser1 »

While using ROS for a responsible web server is a bad idea, using ROS for a gateway in a small lan would be a good try :?:

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Post by Wierd »

....Depends........ I remember how poorly ROS's TCP/IP stack was in the past. While I am sure it is better now, I am sure there are unpleasantries lurking beneath still waters someplace.

The most I would expect out of a ROS BOX right now would be testing and prototyping applications;

An FTP or HTTP server getting hammered by outside connection requests to test stability, etc--- Nothing as important as a gateway or router, and CERTAINLY nothing mission critical like a content host or webserver.

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