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Post by Reacter »

Uhmm... you also know that you can "opt out" of some servers :wink: . Plus, you can disable cookies.
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Post by artguy10 »

Matthias wrote:
artguy10 wrote:Listen. All I know is that when I used IE, Trend Micro Anti Spyware found security risks in cookies which were from various ad servers and such, where as this didn't occur using Firefox.
That's because Firefox stores the cookies in a format that Trend Micro Anti Spyware can't handle. Also, you can disable cookies in every browser, including IE. If you're too stupid to do that... PEBKAC!
It is wrong to call someone stupid. I do know all the details of how Trend Micro works and how you can modify the cookie settings for various browsers. I left out some details because my point was made without them, and including them could confuse those who are not completely knowledgeable about the workings of the browsers and Trend Micro.

Here are the details: When using IE's default settings, these "spyware" cookies get into the computer. Trend Micro finds them. I've since set IE to block more cookies, and the problem has gone down. However, most people will not change IE's settings.
In Firefox, I check for cookies within the browsers settings. I know Trend Micro doesn't check Firefox, but I do. I see all the cookies in Firefox, and the ones from the ad servers aren't there. Plus, while these settings make IE unable to do certain tasks online, Firefox has no problem.

Aside from these things, it is far easier to set Firefox to block certain domain's cookies than it is in IE.

Plus don't ignore ... l?tag=lnav which is a cnet review (from three judges) and they all say FF is as good or better than IE, in every area. This link is specifically to the security area, where firefox got 12 out of 15, and IE got 10 out of 15.

So don't call me stupid. Looks like you're the one needing a lesson.

And thanks Reacter. Yeah, I already knew that. I was just saying that it is overall safer or better to use Firefox over Internet Explorer. That is my opinion, and it is shared by most people. check the poll.
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Post by InFeRnODeMoN »

This topic's name wasn't "Browser War II" AFAIK...
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Post by Z98 »

Your confidence in your own abilities to just eye cookies and determine their source is, hmm.

Anyways, I iterate again, we're not going to be making any kind of decision soon. We're not even at the stage where we'd seriously debate the merits of this browser or that browser. Most of the developers have a very good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the major browsers. You don't need to try and lobby for one particular browser.

Just ignore Matthias. If you looked around, you'll notice he's gotten into fights with a lot of people, including several developers, in the past.
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Post by artguy10 »

Z98, the source is stated in Firefox.

Anyhow, guys, you're right. This isn't about a browser war, I just wanted to make sure there would be at least one pre-installed browser (eventually). I stated what I thought would be the best choice (and why), and then just defended myself. I'll ignore him. :wink:
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Post by GreatLord »

we have agreed not boundle any browers with ReactOS. Instead we ship with a d/l mangers with a program list, there u can choice the browers you whant. we do not whant force people use one that we like, we whant give people good options to choice. that why ReactOS will always ship with a mininum of software. Rest is in the d/l manger so you can choice which software/program to d/l and install, this give you very flexitity of ReactOS.
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Post by betaluva »

why not have a browser pre installed that you can remove later through add remove programs if you dont like it? a os without a web browser/email client is like a car without wheels. when it comes to operating systems ,the average user wants a complete os, they dont want to have to decide what to install. p.s. i wil save people time by abusing myself , im a schmo, a schmuck, a moron, a idiot, a dumbass, a halfwit, a retard. bla -bla-bla.
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Post by walter »

what about k-meleon? it's light and works well. the only problem i found, it's a bit difficult to configure it deeply.

also, we could think about seamonkey.
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Post by GreatLord »

seamoky works in reactos

now to betaluva comment.
either way we doing it some people will hate a defualt webreader are install allready, and some people not. Second is we do not whant adding to many 3 party apps to our building system and config up them.

I got allot good response in sweden and from IDG (sweden bigest computer news site, and computer magize manufactor). that we do not ship with extra stuff, only minim set of apps, and if people whant seamoky or firefox or some thing else they can simple go to the d/l manger and download it very easy and install it. ReactOS it self is ment to be light weght when u get it from offcial release, and we are in still in apha stages.
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Post by budtse »

Why not let the user decide which browser to install ? Just provide a simple download tool like wget and leave it up to his choice. Users all have their own personal favour when it comes to browsers (and software in general), mostly depending on what they are used to.

If you want to make it easy for the user to get their browser, just provide them with a simple tool that points them to the download location of several supported browsers and uses wget to do the download. Once they have the browser they like, they can download all other software themselves.

Of course, this is just my opinion.
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Post by GreatLord »

we already doing that in our download manger offer diffent apps for d/l
that what betaluva dislike
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Post by Tachikoma_Pilot »

What if ReactOS is the only OS you have and you need to setup a router via a browser to get connectivity? Download app wont help there...

Not everyone knows how to setup an adsl router via command line + telnet.

For this reason i think some sorta browser should be included.

(Of course when React goes BETA)
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Post by oiaohm »

I suspect there will always be a poor browser there.

Functions to provide IE compatibility some applications need.

Now its unlikely anyone will want to use that for there main browser it most likely will be feature lacking. But good enough to configure ADSL modems in pinch.

It is not the time to choose browsers. And when I say choose browsers it will most likely be choosing engine for the IE replacement. Not the complete browser itself. Feature of engine will have to match up with what applications need. So personal taste will not be in this game.
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Post by GreatLord »

basic it is only two browers that can match IE functions, and give activeX support it is netscape and firefox, netscape are more close working as ie that firefox. but both are good webbrowers
we for not forget it is old netscape devloper team that doing firefox. they did break out from netscape.
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Post by forart »

My vote goes for K-Meleon, BTW i don't like the MS-like browser-embedding politic (honestly).

Every open source working browser can just be added to Download! IMHO

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