No more I put forward some simple rules.

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No more I put forward some simple rules.

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All allegations mast have the required documentation with them.
Binary and source matches alone don't prove a case. Part of proving case is contact with person who created that section.

Same with wrong doing person need to be contacted. Encase there is a valid reason there. Throwing insults around just stop the true issues from being dealt with.

All allegations must be in context
Sometimes due to rule changes since when it was done the person at the time might have done nothing wrong.

To be in context. The following must be correct.
  • Compared to correct rules in effect at time not the current ones things do change over time.
    Legal rules applying to person
    Legal rules applying to project
    If the person knew they were doing wrong or not.
Polite<maybe a small expansion to current channel rules>
Telling person to shut up is not exactly a solution. Also attempt to ram you idea down someone throat. Yes I have lost me cool a little in places too. Incorrect ideas normal will hit a unbreakable logic wall of impractical or impossible or lack of evidence or invalid evidence due to being wrong context.

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