ReactOS 0.3.3-RC is out

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ReactOS 0.3.3-RC is out

Post by Cristan »

ReactOS 0.3.3-RC is out! What do you all think? Is there anyone unlike me who has tested in on real hardware?

My experiences
A few things which I thought could be better (I've tested the preloaded with Qemu version):
-Why on earth does it say ReactOS Enterprise while booting? What's wrong with just plain "ReactOS"?
-I don't need to see every .SYS it is loading when booting up. That's what the debug version should be for.
-I get the error "ERROR FILE NOT FOUND" twice (why twice?) when trying to start the ReactOS explorer
-pinging no longer works (I get the error "invalid datagram received") and I can't close cmd afterwards
-the function of numlock is reversed (numbers when off, arrows when on)
-downloading firefox 2 with Download! doesn't bring me to the installer

I didn't have any of these problems with ReactOS 0.3.1. I guess we really need faster releases and a more stable trunk, because these regressions really are a pain.

-edit: don't get me wrong: it isn't all bad. The stability is much better, and I'm sure there are loads of other stuff which are improved.

-edit2: don't post here. The official announcement topic is found here.
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Post by betaluva »

i tried running 0.3.3 on a pentium 100-32 megs of ram-500 meg ide harddrive and i cant get it to boot it ,it it shows the reactos enterprise edition screen with the dll,s beng loaded and then the screen goes black, i have been running 0.3.3 in vmware (using the pre-installed copy) and i have installed firefox 1.5 which works fine,i installed abiword but it doesnt load,utorrent installed ok and loads,thunderbird will not download,irfanview and plugins will not download, and the games that have a installer will not install,the installer freeezes when you click ok.

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Post by Haos »

ReactOS is now tested mainly on vmware/qemu emulators, due to getting debug output easy that way.

If you would like to help with fixing those errors, please provide bugreports WITH attached debug output (received through null modem cable, connecting ROS machine and the receiving PC thorugh serial ports).

Without knowing what exactly goes wrong, it is quite difficult to patch it up, dont you think?

EDIT: those are mostly known bugs, apart from first two. There are reasons for drivers to appear on boot.

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Post by Reacter »

At run prompt: notepad C:\Freeldr.ini . Find the line that says: [ReactOS] . On the "Options" line, find the "/SOS". Delete the "/SOS" statement. It won't have a bootscreen, but it won't tell you every .sys the machine is processing.
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