Will ReactOS be a multi user OS?

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Re: Will ReactOS be a multi user OS?

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rowa wrote:
MadRat wrote:Its XP's 10 connection limit (that can be boosted to 40 if running a MS SQL server) that prevents a workstation from acting as a bonafide server. The TCP/IP stack sucks in the workstation and home flavours of 2k/XP.
I hope that ReactOS will be not 100% compatible to such MS-rubbish.
Why limits?
Why on earth you have to install a SQL-Server for improve this stupid limit?
The TCP/IP stack on the non-server products is hamstrung in order to differentiate the products. The HOME product and 9x products were 5 simultaneous connections. The PROFESSIONAL workstation products are generally setup for 10 simultaneous connections. The SQL Server package, when run on a workstation, allows one to boost the limit closer to its design limit of around 50 simultaneous connections.

Its an MS philosophical thing I guess. Linux workstations have no such limit. Quite a bit of traffic can be handled in 10 simultaneous connections. But when you start scripting software pushes and inventorying then you quickly realize the limitations of XP.
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