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Heh - a few things that should definitely be different from windows in reactos when it's finished:
  • A better default notepad (keep the simplicity, but make it possible to have Add ons?, like Gedit)

    A better default registry editor

    More functions, eg - acpi control, user account management, available from the command line.

    A proper Sudo for the GUI and the CLI

    Ability to manage devices and drive letters. Associate Drive letters with particular volume ID's would be good - stops Drive Letters changing.

    Ability to manage themes effectively - no stupid theme signing, and a proper way of changing the login

    Ability to change default shell in a sane way
What would be really great is the system of monitoring programs and security that I outlined before, although a good first step to that would be enabling users to install programs in a special user mode cage, which doesn't require any admin priviledges to install or run. I think that a good name would be "UserKit" as that's kinda the metaphor that gets used - a user has their own set of personal applications that they use and want to install when they get going. If these UserKit's could be zipped up and unpacked somewhere else, even better.

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