ReactOS as the Future of Personal Computing

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ReactOS as the Future of Personal Computing

Post by creatorbri »

I've followed the ReactOS project for some time now (off and on), always with great interest. If I correctly understand the position of the Developers, the idea in working toward version 1.0 is to release a free, open source operating system that is stable, and runs windows applications and drivers.

I'm not completely sure I understand which particular platform you guys are using as a benchmark. Are you aiming for NT 4.0? Win2k? XP? But it doesn't really matter all that much, does it. Even if version 1.0 is more or less an NT 4 clone, you will have accomplished something very important: You will have presented a solid Operating System alternative to the world that is NOT Linux based and is NOT owned by Microsoft (or any other big corporation, for that matter) but by the community.

As someone mentioned in another post, Linux is like a Grand Piano delivered in kit form -- all the pieces of a great OS are there, but you have to put it together. And I know I couldn't just build a piano if someone gave me such a kit.

But -- and this is the crux of my post -- what is absolutely essential is that ReactOS have a clear vision NOW of where it intends to go AFTER 1.0. Following are my thoughts on how to lift ReactOS to the long-coveted and oft-imagined status of Windows Rival. (Linux isn't there and never will be -- don't listen to the fanboys who say otherwise, they don't live in our world.)

First and Foremost: There must be no serious attachment to riding Microsoft's Coat-tails, or this Project will eventually die.

As others have suggested, the goal should NOT be to replicate Windows. That is, ultimately, quite pointless. Yes, free code, open source, yada yada, and that's all well and good -- but what the world really needs is NOT another Windows. We've got one, and frankly, it ain't so bad, even if I do have to shell out a bit. At least in doing so I can say I'm on the bleeding edge of operating system technology, eh? Or at least that's how I feel as a consumer.

What the world DOES need, though, and what ReactOS will soon be in a position to offer the world, is a NEW Operating System, that is more-or-less compatible with Windows but has its OWN Unique Identity and Featureset, along with a willingness to take a fresh view in how people use computers. There are things that annoy us all about Windows, and after 1.0, ReactOS will be in a position to directly address those. Furthermore, the project must actively pursue revolutionary OS design concepts.

Everyone's got ideas and suggestions in that area -- I'm no different. But that's not the point. The point is to give people something that feels like Windows, 'cause that's what their used to, but which -- once they start using it -- offers a whole new perspective on using the personal computer.

If the Project takes this view, and continues active development as they have done, I see a bright and beautiful future for this exciting product.

Long Live ReactOS! ;)
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Post by Haos »

- currently xp/2003, later - vista
- define riding Microsoft's Coat-tails
- define NEW operating system
- replicating Windows is hard enough...
- our main goal is stability, compatibility and functionality. In that order. First we need to make it stable, then make apps/drivers work AND only afterwards we can think of adding new things. Mind that first two goals will last for many years to come...
- our dev team is very small, comparing even to WINE, not even trying to compare with someone else, yet this project isnt less complicated than Linux/Wine...

NEW operating system vs Windows compatibility. You cant have both...
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Post by oiaohm »

Linux isn't there and never will be -- don't listen to the fanboys who say otherwise, they don't live in our world.
I will be blunt. It is now a race. Linux Standard Base will put Linux in the same class as Win32 api.

Main reason Linux has not got there is not Win32 compatibility. Its in fighting and vendor lock in.
As someone mentioned in another post, Linux is like a Grand Piano delivered in kit form -- all the pieces of a great OS are there, but you have to put it together. And I know I couldn't just build a piano if someone gave me such a kit.
The reason why distro's exist. So you don't have to put the pieces into one piece its provided in one piece.

Reactos is a little crippled by Vendor lockin too. MS Internet Explorer by license cannot be installed under Linux or Reactos in many areas.

The race is what OS will get there first.

Samba 4 when released will see the end to Microsoft strength in the control on Windows clients. Tech from Samba 4 will be usable with Reactos as well

KDE 4 will see the end of MS Office Exchange... lock in.

Linux Standard Base allowing linux applications to be built once for all distrobutions. Now this also gets worse. openlina and andlinux targeting that Linux Standard Base Applications will work on Win32 and OS X. Ie code once build once run everywhere. Just like .net except in native code.

These moves have never been done in the Linux world. History cannot predict how much market damage this will do.

The worry is if wine gets good enough with the applications KDE 4 removes from being needed to move a business to Linux. If Reactos can get into place before end of year it will get market share. If latter it will be a question mark.

Note KDE 4 on Windows or Reactos will give you a different interface to what most windows users normally handle.

Reactos Target is current windows 2003 in some places and 2000 in others. What even section will create the most stable and functional OS.
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Post by dreams »

I see ReactOS more like DosBox. Microsoft will sometime ditch Windows like they ditched DOS too. GPL Software can last forever, so people can be assured that there will always be a way to use their (older) software. It may be needed sooner than you think, the next version of MS' operating system may even not let you use your older software.

Many people will be able to use ReactOS as their main OS, as they probably only need an internet browser, an office suite, an IM program and something to view / edit photo's from their digital camera's.

Second reason i like ReactOS, is because it's free and open of coarse. You can't trust closed software imho. (i use Ubuntu now)
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Post by Reacter »

That's why we have got to be ready for the shock wave of Vienna (supposedly brand new interface, same API but more crap.), and, my worry, BlackHole OS. Blackhole OS is MicroSoft's attempt at a new OS, but, well, It barely boots. When it does, no apps. At least we know that are money is not used by Gates, it is sent down a black hole. :D If it is the Windows-killer, we must support it and Windows. That would require some fancy memory-management waltzing.
More ReactOS, please!
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