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Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 1:06 pm
by FSX
oiaohm wrote:
You also have to take into account that Reactos is not version 1.0. Ie stable.

Currently its the Alpha Status hoping to get to Beta status soon. So fast releases are perfectly acceptable. Daily would even be acceptable. But to do Daily takes a lot of person power.

Its all about testing. More often it has to run on a broad range of machines the better. The more people who test it the better. Releases allow this.

Now if the stable branch releases might slow. Development releases most likely will stay at the same speed. For the one reason without releases what reason is there to fix bugs.

Of course Reactos is not going to get stable status without decent testing.

That is where other companies let it down bad testing. AntiVirus companies are pushing against the clock. Viruses writers don't stop because there scanning engine is defective.
Yay! *massive smile*