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Kernel Core

Post by wong007 »

Kernel Core used in ReactOS is wine project or own kernel or Microsoft?

Implementation used in applications of ReactOS are implement to Kernel?
So, can I know that list implemetations that can be use in ReactOS?

Thanks U very Much

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Post by Z98 »

READ the FAQs and information scattered around the site before you start posting a dozen questions which have already been answered.

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Post by Mrkaras »

yes, read the info but for these questions the kernel is built specially for reactos, it is the only way to get a proper windows like system but is also the reason it is only alpha and is in some ways behind WINE. it uses as much wine code as practical and will one day far surpass what wine can ever do.

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Post by superppl »

Mrkaras wrote:will one day far surpass what wine can ever do.
I would agree with you if you took out the "far" part.
As it is right now, wine is farther than ReactOS, but ignoring the current state and only looking at the final product, there won't be that much of a gap.
The only real difference will be in the actual OS; suppose wine is magically completed and will never need an update (hypothetical situation): all windows applications will run flawlessly under linux. That doesn't mean a windows user will be able to use linux better, though, as most of the transitioning problems are with the OS and not the applications.
When ReactOS reaches completion, not only will all applications work flawlessly, but the user won't have any problem on the OS.

So ReactOS will be better than wine in the sense that more people will be familiar than it, but it won't be better in functionality.
Oh and please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Post by Ged »

superppl wrote:Oh and please correct me if I'm wrong.
ok then, you're wrong.
many windows apps do things which go under the support of Wine, i.e. non usermode stuff.
I'm only referring to apps which primerally run at application level, we won't even delve into other software like drivers

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Post by Reacter »

Speaking of the core, is the cache manager a set of instructions that manages what HDD sectors get read into memory, gets flushed out, and speeds up other HDD access functions?
More ReactOS, please!

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