Automatic hardware detection

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Automatic hardware detection

Post by Ace »

Would it be great if it has a automatic hardware detection?
Just as the linux version knoppix (hardware support for many network cards, graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals)

Can this become a feature?

Would be great!

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Post by florian »

Probably it is just a question of development status: ReactOS is still in its alpha phase. In future there should be a functioning automatic hardware detection.

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Post by Ace »

ok :)


and in what time frame do you think
2,3,4,5... month's - year...

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Post by Stead »

i thought reactos had this already?...plug n play? this somethign different?

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Post by mikedep333 »

I think he is referring to hardware support with the live CD.

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Post by Z98 »

Linux LiveCDs include a whole crapload of drivers, so it's not a matter of hardware detection. Even if we detected a hardware, if we don't have its driver, there's nothing we could do. And it's unlikely the LiveCD will include more than the basic drivers needed. That'll likely involve USB, hopefully network, and possibly sound. But besides video and PS/2 mice and keyboards, the rest are far more hit and miss.

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Post by Ace »

ok no problem,

the most import for me are network drivers and usb.

When I run the Live cd:
How can I include some app in the live cd, that when I start the operation system up the app already be there?
Can I include drivers (for windows) ati drivers (before I burn it on a cd) so my screenresolution is perfect.

When you're working on the live-cd,
can you in that time also install drivers/ software?
Is the only requirement a rewriter?

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Post by Mrkaras »

No I don't think you can install driver with a livecd because you need a restart (last I looked) and you can not write to the CD (even if it is a re-writable) so any changes would be lost.

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Post by Ace »

and how to do it, before you burn it on a cd?

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Post by forart »

Well, it would be great to have a "HaikuLiveCDScript"-like that builds it basing on hardware-web-detection :idea:
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Post by PeterK »

Ace wrote:and how to do it, before you burn it on a cd?
As long as the software doesn't need to be installed (setup.exe or ..) You can add Your EXE-File onto the LiveCD with a software like for example
WinIso ( - for example in a new folder like "programs" or so.

But unfortunately most windows software wants to install (add keys to the registry, create folders, copy files, .. and so on)

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PnP and LiveCD will be worked out in time.

Post by Jaix »

Both these things PnP and PnP LiveCD will worked out even though they are somewhat different.

HPoussin has been working a great lot on the PnP system and it's working since several versions ago, however there's pretty much work to get everything working. Even if the PnP system works pretty good all drivers needs to be supported by the OS and that's not going to happen before we have kernel, win32k and others pretty complete, but in time...

When it we are taling about the LiveCD issue, there need to be support for driver installation without reboot, and well se about what is going to happen in this area, but if I have understood right some work has already been done, but I havn't read too much about it.

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Auto Driver Update

Post by aicommander »

We could keep a database of drivers on a server and when the live cd boots it would send a copy of the hardware config to the server and the server would send back the drivers it needs.

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Post by Z98 »

First, what exactly would such a system be for? It's not as if LiveCDs can automatically make use of such drivers. Usually when you want to use something with a LiveCD, you need to remake the LiveCD to add it in. Second, can you imagine the outcry if we had such a system? Privacy advocates would tear us apart and god knows if that's even legal without the consent of the end user.

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