compiler and IDE in base install (Why Johnny can't code)

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In my opinion the best choice for a programming environment if you want to reach the masses and get them coding would be Python and if the wxPython libraries came pre-loaded with the OS, fairly small redistributable programs could be easily passed around. There is the Boa Constructor IDE for wxPython that makes programming window apps pretty much a no-brainer (drag and drop - much like VB).

Python is a language that already has some very good tutorials written for it - anyone that wants to learn can learn in a very short period of time (1-2 months and you'll know lots about it's usage) and it is object oriented so advancing to C\C++ is more easier once the basics such as strings, integers, variables etc. are used and understood.

It's almost instant coding.

Just my 2 coppers

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oiaohm wrote:Yes I did elektrik. Problem is you line makes it look harder than what it is. I missed the reason why its hard.
Nevermind Oiaohm; based on our previous forum exchanges it is clear to me that you don't *get* my humor ;-)

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this thread is lame.
Can you picture what could be? So limitless and free.. in need of your help ReactOS 0.4

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samwise52 wrote:this thread is lame.
As most forum threads here.
It compiles, let's ship it!

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samwise52 wrote:this thread is lame.

Why is it lame to express what you think to other people?

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Don't worry about samwise52 comments. I guess having a bad day.
True elekrik. I don't have a sense of humor when I am in serious mode.

Crowmag I asked for a list of features you want in a ide. For two major reasons. Having people coding in python and wxPython really will not help reactos. Equally I could have suggested coding with QT this will not long term help either. Neither is really suitable. C and C++ IDE env using win32/win64 is required to help the development of reactos.

List of features allows targeting to achieve something useful or help locating the best.

Also people point to a IDE saying I want that. We will endup with people pointing too at least 50 different IDE's saying I want that and not knowing why. Even risk flaming over why that IDE is better than another. And over 30 different langs. Features keep in controlled and avoid major flaming hopefully.

I am wishing to keep this thread a little controlled so it does produce something useful long term. Or we might as well give up now and except samwise52 statement.

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