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Post by BrandonTurner »

that would be very interesting to find out how well it works. i wonder if i can get nvidia chipset drivers.
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Post by Delfi »

new or a lot improved win32k.sys subsystem.
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Post by Headstrong »

networking to a level that we can auth to a ldap/AD/whatever server.
all on real hardware.
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Post by peat »

creating of links/shortcuts in Ros
working network with pppoe
shutdown and reboot
ctrl+alt+del should bring up Taskmanager

(this is my wishlist :lol: )
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Post by Elledan »

peat wrote: ctrl+alt+del should bring up Taskmanager
What's wrong with Ctrl+Shift+Esc?
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Post by e7 »

* more speed
* support for USB
* support for drivers like my TV-card
* filesystem: ntfs, reiserfs
* software: All VB6-applications (-> runtime), VirtualDub, Mozilla, Inkscape, OpenOffice, Skype, Trillian
* editable taskmenu with mouse
* support for UltraPromise Controller (I cant run ReactOS on real hardware because this)

Post by Gedi »

the IP stack is relatively stable.

I've done quite a bit of testing with it lately and you should have no problems for mundane tasks like web browsing and email retrival.
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Post by frik85 »

peat wrote:creating of links/shortcuts in Ros
I am working on this feature (wizard for appwiz.cpl) :wink:
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Post by Megari »

A DHCP client - I'm a net addict, my IP changes. Besides, I have failed to set up networking for ReactOS in VMWare (the instructions referred to a nonexistant menu option) and I am completely frustrated with editing the registry by hand with the buggy register editor app. Everything else is bearable since I believe ReactOS will evolve into something more and more useful and complete everyday.
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Post by Stof91 »

My top three missing features are:
- DirectX
- Stability

All this because of HL².
DirectX to play the actual game, TCP/IP for the fcking Steam client and stability so it wouldn't crash ;)
Gabriel Vigo
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Post by Gabriel Vigo »

- Multilanguage support
- DirectX
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Post by Pentiumforever »

Multilanguage works - not good but it works You most only set your language in the registry!
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Needed features

Post by Floridajin »

Personally I'd love to use ReactOS on my "entertainment center" computer. I basically use it to play Divx videos and split my network connection between my family's computers. So my list is:

-Network, Video, & Audio driver support
-Network support (with DHCP and PPPOE)
-Codec support

Maybe it's pretty far in the future, but I'd guess that codecs will need to be supported before games can (as a lot of games make use of video & audio codecs.)
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Post by volksgeist III »

For me, sblive support.

I love linux, but I've found getting the audio/studio/multitrack type apps like Audacity, Jack, and Ecasound to work the way I want, to be a grind.

I find myself spending so much time wading through manuals that were badly written in German, then badly translated into English, that I never find the time to actually do any bloody recording.

Add to that, what's available for linux in the way of such apps, is nowhere near on a par with what's available for 'doze.
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Post by Gasmann »

Elledan wrote:
peat wrote: ctrl+alt+del should bring up Taskmanager
What's wrong with Ctrl+Shift+Esc?
That it doesn't work in ReactOS yet! (at least not for me) :(
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