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Dr. Fred
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Missing Features

Post by Dr. Fred »

What is THE most importained missing feature or app in ReactOs for you ?

Mine is DirectX.
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Post by uniQ »

TCP/IP :P by far (I'm not counting broad and intangible things like "stability".

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Post by rastilin »

DirectX, once we have that it will be a potential gaming machine. Games are the only reason I still use Windows.
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Post by BrandonTurner »

TCP/IP and networking with real hardware
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Post by SirTalon »

Right now? DirectX as well (HalfLife 2 lol). When I finish AP Computer Sciences (ew java...) I will need to use VS.Net for my other programming class. Everything else Linux does for me (if I put some effort into it I wouldn't even need DirectX, cause HL2 is supported in Cedega).

The news of OpenGL working is now the second best news of the week (Trolltech just announced a GPLed version of QT for windows, which means a GPLed version for ReactOS :D !)
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Post by Pentiumforever »

my most missing feazures are usb & multilanguge support!
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Post by Quigs »

Windows compatible bootloader....
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Post by Floyd »

- speed optimizations
- real hardware drivers
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Post by Sami »

Automatic system update feature. So that you can update the ReactOS system without reinstalling. Of course the networking has to work before this.
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Post by RomanH »

- stability (if that can be considered a feature)
- whatever is needed for SDL support (2D ist enough for me)
- whatever is needed for DevC++ support
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Post by Linuxhippy »

- stability
- performance
- more comlete win32-implementation
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Post by somebody »

- Windows network;
- Printing subsystem;
- Performance;
- stability.
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Post by tonik »

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Post by A-v-S »

Driver compatibility, installing drivers using inf files.
Working TCP/IP on real hardware (easier way to install driver)
Application COnpatability.
Speed optimizations
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Post by Mammlouk »

A-v-S wrote:Driver compatibility, installing drivers using inf files.
Working TCP/IP on real hardware (easier way to install driver)
Application COnpatability.
Speed optimizations
I'm pretty sure one of the devs wrote a small app for installing via inf files. I haven't tried it yet, but here's the link. http://www.reactos.com/en/reactos_user_ ... _topic__15
Will try it today and post in the forum if it works out. :)
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