Looks like the audit...

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Re: Looks like the audit...

Post by Z98 »

You'll need to ask the Wine devs that themselves.

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Re: Looks like the audit...

Post by jimtabor »

We have copy paste wine code in our win32k, that includes X windows as well. This was and now is still the case and wine'ies and their confederate's said,"we need the audit and they said we had leaked source". Now theses same confederate's still want a new audit. They make the argument for the audit coming in the near future (Like they can predict the future, so they must be planing something again) needs to be done and make sure our commit messages reflect the correct information. LOL, A real audit was done in late February 2006 with real software lawyers on our behalf. They pointed out strike similarities between ReactOS and wine. Nothing was found from the leaked source, not even the same source from the current DDK of that time was found. It was pure stupidity on our parts for falling for a cock ass idea first of all.

We had "Engineered Employment" going on (developers creating complex functions so they could not be removed from the project due to the lack of understanding the code) for two years into the project. I guess they thought this would provide leverage in case they got outed. Now I'm cleaning up the mess..... This too could explain what did happen, the quick switch over to a new svn and build system, trust me this was not to help us, this was to benefit them. These hijackers are still fuming and waiting for the right time. Like I posted, the must know the future.

The audit was a real joke and the the joke was on ReactOS, to force ReactOS off the competitions stage. MS did the same with the OSS NTFS driver for Linux, "would not work and had DANGEROUS bugs",,,, and what would keep that from happening to ReactOS or has it already happened?

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Re: Looks like the audit...

Post by Haos »

Also lets just add that any claim on dirty code wasnt backed by anything bar pure speculation. The usual accusation would look like:

- "You are using dirty code!"
- "What? Where? Could you point to any example"
- ..... [silence]

So its nothing apart from usual throwing mud, counting on that some would stick. Once and for all, there is no illegally obtained code in ROS tree. All our code has been obtained only via other opensource projects, by own research/clean-room engineering or via publicly accessible documentation. End of topic.

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