Name chosen is ReactX, now looking for logo designs

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Name chosen is ReactX, now looking for logo designs

Post by GreatLord »

What I need for DirectX Devloping

Does any one whant come up with a good name for ReactOS DirectX suport I am working on and a good logo for it.

I need start write some demo apps.

Here is plan for countinue DirectX devloping

1. 2-3 diffent demo programs that can run direcly on using win32k syscall
it will show how well DirectX graphice works in ReactOS when I release all
nesary changes in trunk.

3. 2-3 diffent demo programs that can run direcly on using gdi32.dll it will show how well DirectX graphice works in ReactOS when I release all
nesary changes in trunk.

I will read the sugestion and look at diffent logon
Carlo Bramix
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Post by Carlo Bramix »

For the name, my suggestion would be "ReactX".
For a graphic logo, I'm sorry but I can't help there.
I'm a software engineer, not a graphic artist. :D


Carlo Bramini
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Post by preston »

name? ReactX :D

UPDATE: damn... one second...
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Post by FRy2oo5 »


It's simple and when you pronounce it in english (rocks) gives a good impression on ReactOS.
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the name: DominatriX

Post by arty »

DominatriX. 'Nuf said.
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Post by Tachikoma_Pilot »

OpenX ???


DirectGX ??
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Post by Jesper79 »

I like "RX" instead of "DX" so ReactX is't bad.

I heard someone say it should be named "zeropage" (some technical term about DX... I don't remember fully)

or perhaps something totaly wierd like: M-HAL or MM-HAL
"Multimedia Hardware Access Layer"

you could also add direct

"Multimedia Direct Hardware Access Layer"

perhaps some latin version of DirectX


(adv.) in some direction.--------------aliquo
direct------------------------------------directus, rego rexi rectum, intendo
direct one's attention to----------------adverto
direct one's course---------------------intendo
direction---------------------------------discessio, gubernatio-ionis
director----------------------------------praesul presul
in that direction.------------------------illac
share /direction.------------------------pars partis
to direct----------------------------------adicio, tendo


försöker bara ge dig ett bollplank mangnus.... hoppas du kommer på något bra.

mvh jesper
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Post by unkemptwolf »

I'm partial to ReactX and ROX myself.
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Post by Jaix »

Yepp, definately ReactX for me!
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Post by geertvdijk »

*fires up photoshop, grabs the wacom, checks the directx logo and the ROS logo*
ReactX, RosX, ROX... We'll try some and hope something turns out to be not the ugliest thing in the world :P
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Post by Phalanx »

While I really like ReactX (though it could get easy confused with ReactOS), I think it is not good as a name because of the sections of DirectX. Like:
Directshow -> ReactShow
Direct3D -> React3D

Those would cause confusion with people who do not know what is what. Some may even trying installing React3D thinking is a "flashier" ReactOS. I personally think the React.... name should be left to ReactOS so people know which one is the full system, then the components share a common name to show belonging.
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Post by dreams »

I think ReactShow and React3D etc sound cool, also because it's a reaction to DirectX. Just like ReactOS is a reaction to Windows. :wink:
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Post by betaluva »

how about reactix or mediaX? and i can make a logo if no one else wants to do it.
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Post by hto »

I suggest ReactOS "atom" logo with X-shaped aperture / hole.
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Post by 65535 »

BitchX... Hm no, sounds like this already exists.. :D
I think it should be something that reminds at reactos, but
does not directly sound the same... ReactOS and ReactX...
Nah, sounds strange. Well I'm not good at inventing names,
so maybe someone else should do it. Like AtomX, ElectronX,
that's what reminds me at the logo at least ;)
GraphX... Or is it to simple? Hmm ok DirectX is not just graphics,
so it might be a bad choice.
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