Video of Aleksey Bragin talking at FOSDEM

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Post by GreyGhost »

Yeah .. nice :) though i cant get it right now.. 200 mbs ...230 to be precise.. though i'll get it later on ..
Regards GreyGhost

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Post by Apal »

downloading right now... at 660kb/sec ;) Let's see...!

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Post by WhiteFlash »

Great presentation! Hopefully it helps to convince others to join in developing ReactOS.
It was funny that ReactOS wouldn't give a BSOD when he wanted it to. :lol:

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Post by counting_pine »

He should have tried plugging in a scanner, that usually does it.

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Post by Harteex »

I haven't played with ReactOS in a while now, but usually (or before), a good way to get a bluescreen is/was to try to kill processes with taskmgr.

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Post by geertvdijk »

counting_pine wrote:He should have tried plugging in a scanner, that usually does it.
No, that was Windows 98, ReactOS is aiming for NT :P

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