NOD32 reports a virus in 0.3 QEMU package ... [false alarm]

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NOD32 reports a virus in 0.3 QEMU package ... [false alarm]

Post by FLR » Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:30 am

Why do they put some fucking virus in the files?!
Soo fucking lame. I wanted to try this OS, but i dont want to now, when i seen they put viruses in it. Too bad 4 TeH DeV3L0p3Rs!!

Ooh forgot to give a proof.
Here yu got:

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Post by frik85 » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:38 am

FLR wrote:Why do they put some fucking virus in the files?!
Soo fucking lame.
There is no virus in any of the provided download packages!

It's just your anti-virus scanner which is the fault. It think that the qemu boot sector file is a virus or what ever. Check it with another anti-virus scanner and you will see it is just NOD32 which cause problems.

Another thread in our ReactOS Forum which already has been about the same topic: ... ight=virus (spanish)

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Post by hto » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:57 am

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Post by FLR » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:32 pm

Ok, so there is no virus? But Why does NOD32 take the file for a virus if it isn't? Well, im sorry for my spoken words in the topic.

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Post by GreatLord » Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:16 pm

NOD32 are known doing false report of program, they are using so call patter found. that mean if a program contain simluare pattern or match the pattern NOD32 will report it as virus. this is true for all virus scanner that using pattern search. and false alram will happen for few program or allot program.

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Post by etko » Tue Nov 28, 2006 10:48 am

Don't forget that NOD32 is best AV package on the market ;), I believe you can trust it, so just include the file in question into exceptions and the alarm will dissapear. ;). Yes it seems to be flase positive which is toggled by pattern matching.

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Post by Thcrw8383 » Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:42 am

To me this is scary,If ReactOS gets viruses,then that can take down the project right there,will some kind of AV or malware protection get put in the kernel?

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Post by walter » Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:14 pm

don't worry, developers have talked about this. also remember antivirus applications will run normally on reactos :wink: :)

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Post by Mrkaras » Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:40 pm

it says a boot sector virus, well reactor does write to the boot sector and does run code from there. sounds like a virus! (or an operating system :) )

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