Driver/software compatibility you would like to see on ROS.

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Driver/software compatibility you would like to see on ROS.

Post by NaT »

Hey, I'm NaT. I started this thread to start a top 10 of the software and drivers compatibility you would like to see on ROS. By doing this we can show the developers what software and drivers are in the most demand for ROS. Hopfully this will give them a push in a direction that will make ROS better. By doing this we will help the developers in my opinion. :D

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Post by Coviti »

There is a lot of work going into getting full compatibility with Windows apps. The developers are doing a great job. :D

Anyways, the programs that I would really like to see working are FileZilla Server and Apache HTTP. ;)

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Post by Radhad »

Or even the full XAMPP ;) For little web developers like me that would be nice.

What I would prefer is full compabillity with Firefox - so that also the preferences and download windows work properly. Then it would be easier to test other software (because you can download them).

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Post by Andrewm1986 »

.Net framework

That way many other applications will run as a by product (big task I know)

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Post by oiaohm »

Not really a big task for a .Net framework.

Problem is that a MS framework license does not allow it to be used on Reactos. Already works on Windows. Its just removing the defects in Reactos to bring it into line with Windows.

I don't see that much .Net function as a worry of to Reactos.

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Autodesk CAD software.

Post by Jaix »

Well I have need of fully function Autodesk CAD software support like AutoCAD and Inventor, but they are pretty heavy, not even the installation app works yet.
Then I am in need of working Terminal services or at least UltraVNC support.
Plus it would be nice with server software like Web, FTP, SAMBA, Wins, DNS and DHCP.

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Post by Stead »

Id like it to run halo 2!

ati drivers, and wireless are on my christmas list for reactos, If i could use it to go on the internet, that would make me a happy bunny!

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Post by mvent2 »

Stead wrote:Id like it to run halo 2!

ati drivers, and wireless are on my christmas list for reactos, If i could use it to go on the internet, that would make me a happy bunny!
Hopefully you're aiming for Christmas 2009 :lol:

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Post by forart »

Note: please post official software to the wiki.

Fot other platform open source software port wishlist check out (and contribute) to OSS port wishlist
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In progress we (always) trust.

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Post by walter »

i'd like to see a browser (seamonkey, firefox or k-meleon), winamp and games (especially old win 9x games which are slow and buggy on xp). also, i'd like to see drivers fully working and also network and printing systems.

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Post by etko »

Jaix - I guess that you will be able running AutoCAD only in very distant future :), it's real bloat which doesn't work even on original Win systems even having Windows logo.

I would like to be able to run sane OpenGL games and apps like Doom 3 with current nVidia drivers.

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Post by DGMurdockIII »

I would love to see Xfire ( Realplayer, Gimp, Steam client for Half life games, Guild Wars, Open Office, an a alternative adobe editor and reader

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Post by Tachikoma_Pilot »

Ur - Quan masters 0.5.0 -- it installs but doesnt run

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Post by ShadowScythe »

Steam Client would be awesome... :D

At the same time there would also have to be correct driver ans graphical support for everything.

*wonders how hard it would be to start developing that for hisself.*

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Post by spoons »

I'd like to see full DirectX 8.1 support (isn't that the minimum for Halo?) and EAX. And just think, when DirectX 10 support comes to ReactOS, we will have DirectX 10 AND EAX. (Vista has no hardware-accelerated sound I believe)

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