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HUMA2000 wrote: -> The url of the opensolaris, license and info is here. The license is CDDL, based on the MPL.
From the license FAQ:
May I take portions of the OpenSolaris source code and use it in another code base?

Yes, you can use the OpenSolaris source code in other projects as long as you comply with the terms of the CDDL.

It appears to be less restrictive than I thinked, so maybe is usable the code...

BrandonTurner , I was talking abaout the end user face of linux, linix is not unix, so linux is not always unix compilant and compatible, and every linux distro make his modification to kernel, so not always is compatible to the other, anyway i always thinked that linux is not ready for and workstation enviorement, is great for servers and gurus, but not for a common user, remember my first linux installation at 98, I needed two days to get a semiusable sistem, and it was painfull slow on the xserver on my 486 33mhrz, and win95 run fast and was usable. Later i tryed on my p133 and linux become usable, but was a pain install any soft, now, is more easy install programs, but sometime the OS get crazy with dependencies, but is stable like a rock (I only get the system hanged two or three times)

I hope we can run the linux apps on a windows without need of cgywin. Colinux is a great option, but lacks more integration with the windows desktop and apps.

once again you arent talking about linux. linux is a kernel a single kernel that is still(for the most part) developed by linus because he still looks at all the code before it is put into the kernel. linux is posix compliant which pretty much means that the kernel is modeled after unix kernel so it could be ported to other hardware. granted it is not 100% complatiable but with unix int he fact that things compiled on unix will work on linux though in some cases they will. linux just like bsd along with others were made to work with unix. linus in his first letters to the news group(unix newsgroup) talked about he wanted it work with unix. the part you are talking about (package system) doesnt cross platform because of the gnu software that surrounds the linux kernel, not because the distros have different kernel.

here is a link to explain it better maybe: ... 39&tid=106

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Thanks for the explanation.

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