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Last Login in th Forum

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:36 am
by Blackcrack

to make easyer for Admins for showing last login,
it is okey if add a new line in User Profile :
"Last login: dd/mm/JJJJ <rolldown-lang> <show log>"

so can see the Admin's fast if he was login
or was not a login and have a problem again too..
or so.. oky, i had a problem, but it's all oky now..

with this entry in the Forum-Soft can have the Admin a
Eye about last login and if whant can make a little
logfile to show how offen he/she was logged in..
and in the User Profile can show the last line from they
User's own log... and can show the fully log by xxxx kb of