shutdown does not work

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shutdown does not work

Post by Alkali »

As all of you know, when you hit shutdown then answer yes, nothing happens. However, I have noticed that if you wait between roughly 10-30min Reactos will in fact shutdown. I was hoping someone else could confirm this on there machine.

Real hardware
Chaintech Summit Si689 motherboard (networking drivers dont work by the way, give a K_mode error).


I went on IRC and found out that Reactos will shutdown whenever it becomes unstable. Apparently, some of the drivers I installed on Reactos coused it to shutdown randomly every 20-30 minutes regardless of pressing the shutdown button. On a clean install shutdown didn't work at all. Sorry for getting everyones hopes up.
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Post by steveh »

>if you wait between roughly 10-30min Reactos will in fact shutdown

10-30 minutes! Would it be waiting so long for some process which delays while stopping?

What Reactos version are you talking about? 0.3.0final or the trunk?

What happens during these 10-30 minutes? Is the screen frozen? Or can you still command reactos with mouse an keyboard?

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Post by Sirmatto »

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he might mean seconds instead of minutes (but then again, you never know).

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Post by samwise52 »

Im going to go out on a limb and say SHUTDOWN command isnt implemented in 0.3, try 0.3.1 it is implemented there
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Post by Mrkaras »

after 10-30 min reactos will probably crash and shutdown! :lol:

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Wait and continue!

Post by Jaix »

Mrkaras wrote:after 10-30 min reactos will probably crash and shutdown! :lol:
It would be good if all unimplemented stuff worked that well if I waited 10-30 minutes, then I'd never have to shut down my PC, just wait and continue. ;-)

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