Testing 0.4 Trunk nightlies

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Testing 0.4 Trunk nightlies

Post by nathan »

I've one big issue with the latest trunk nighlies.

I got blue screens on boot in ndis. I discovered ndis is the network driver so I tried running qemu with -net none. That worked perfectly for me.
Than I looked in the svn browers
http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos/trun ... ndis/ndis/
Some logic:

Fact 1: The most recent change is from a few days ago.
Fact 2: Earlier changes are from some months ago.
Fact 3: Erros appear in the last days
Conclusion: Revert that last revision and networking should work again in qemu with latest trunk.
Maybe it is not that simple, but can a developer look into this problem?

BTW: Great work on the login/logoff suport, it seems to be nice already!!!!
Other developers: I've noticed other nice things on the latest trunk. Seems that ReactOS 0.4 is becoming a huge milepile.

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Post by Coviti »

nathan wrote:Conclusion: Revert that last revision and networking should work again in qemu with latest trunk.
I think it would be a better idea to repair the problem, rather than reverting the fix to another problem, which caused your difficulties.

Also, the IRC channel might be a better place to suggest things such as this. The developers tend to avoid the forums for certain reasons, but you can usually catch them in the project's IRC channel.

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Post by EmuandCo »

Thats why its the trunk. In trunk you can have the problem of half comitet work and incomplete stuff. Thats why there are release Versions from time to time. Btw reverting a patch is not the best solution as Coviti said already. Fixing the Patch is more intelligent than falling back to old code.

Ps. Guess why Devs dont come in here very often ;-)

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ReactOS 0.3.1

Post by nute »

Okay, there is a delay getting the next alpha release out.

Should there be if the modules are laid out correctly?

How is Reactos being programmed anyways? And while we are
on the subject, why would the developers avoid the forums?

A thought, can reactos be programmed to bring it to a stable
state before it is feature complete? Why do people have to get
the blue screen of death at all sometimes? I realize in alpha
stage that there are a lot of bugs and that you want to find
out about them.

If ReactOS isn't laid out well, how is it going to be better than Windows?
Will more than financial participation and pointng out bugs ever be
possible for American coders?

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Post by Z98 »

1. What modules?

2. ROS is being coded by developers in their free time using the C language. C is one of the more difficult languages to master especially when it comes to pointers and memory management. Winter is also a slow period for them, as Greatlord has already stated.

3. Some developers avoid the forum simply because at times users have been very impolite. Here's an example: http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 6&start=15

4. The "stable" releases are the point releases, such as 0.3.1, which is being delayed because they're trying to make it more stable even though it's missing parts. If a feature is expected but isn't implemented, that by itself can cause instability. So until all or at least most features are implemented, ROS cannot be viewed as stable. As you yourself said, this is alpha. Blue screens should be expected. Anyone using ROS would be using it to find these bugs.

5. If you don't think ROS is well laid out, then outline where you think it's bad. An operating system is a very complicated piece of work. Some things must be done the way they are to be NT compatible. However, I really don't see what you're getting at with that statement.

6. This is an open source project. What people do with their free time is up to them. Some of the people pointing out bugs aren't even programmers. Others aren't advanced enough to participate fully in the OS development beyond submitting patches and the like. Just be glad they either do donate money or submit bug reports and patches. ROS can use all the help it can get.

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