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Post by AcetoliNe »

Reacty... not a bad idea.

Hey, If Reacty is to be realized ...
could it (please) be seen nibbling on a bar of chocolate?
caveman LIKES chocolate.
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Post by HUMA2000 »

Reacty is a funny idea, but i prefer a wolf (i love wolves!!)
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Post by bratao »

i like something like tales from sonic
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Post by forart »

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Post by Phalanx »

Not a frog!

I saw a nice cute cat that lays over the logo.
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Post by Delfi »

reacty idea kicks ass!!
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We need Reacty!

Post by WaxDragon »

I like it, it reminds me of Mr. Period from Penny Arcade.
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Post by i386DX »

I like the Reacty idea
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Post by solemnwarning »

uniQ wrote:How many of those are under copyright from someone else?

All Of Them Are From A Site Called Neopets:
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Post by uniQ »

patchworks wrote:[ external image ]

Neopets ugh.

Anyway I'm in favor of Reacty as it's gender/race/culture neutral and as long as he's not annoying as Clippy he'll be a familiar site to Windows users, so they'll know that ROS is comfortably familiar to Windows. He'll also be an easy assocation from ROS <> Reacty, they both have the same logo, unlike say the Penguin which has nothing to do with Linux.

Coming on, coming up, let me help ROS and I'll be able to look @ a life well used.
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Post by DocPheniX »

i vote meatwad with protons and nutrons flyin around him .. but the protons and nutrons could be jawbreakers.. lmao :twisted:
Lucio Diaz
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Post by Lucio Diaz »

I vote for reacty, quite fun indeed. And the above reasons are good ones too.
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Post by forart »

Uhm, if you don't like frogs... what about a bot ?

[ external image ]
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Post by Cephalaspis »

*votes for Reacty*
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