What would you like to use ReactOS for?

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What would you like to use ReactOS for?

Network Server(web/ftp/smb/dhcp/telnet/other...)
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Post by jorge1987 »

Why Linux have 15 years and is very advanced compared with ReactOS what have 10 years?

Where is the problem?
What happens?

Saludos :D:D

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Post by samwise52 »

well.. if you look at the svn history you will see the 2nd commit was 2years after the first one, and the next was about 1 year later... so maybe 10years is a bit misleading :p
Can you picture what could be? So limitless and free.. in need of your help ReactOS 0.4

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Post by FORCE »

ReactOS needs developers and money, more developers = faster grow than ever before and now is more internet everywhere than before 7-10 years back. i hope after 2-3 years ReactOS comes close to WinXP because i never use windows vista, it is recource eater. WinXP is last good os (ofcourse nlited version 220 mb or so is .iso and computer runs really fast)

Later like Nvidia and other hardware companies has more power to make good drivers because source is available.
Open source is future especially for operating system.

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Post by walter »

hi to everybody. i'm not an intensive gamer but IMHO a gaming/multimedia use is the most important. first, because it's the most common use, and it could help in spreading this os. second, because it's the heavier of all. it requires good multimedia and network support, which can be very useful for other uses. also, a good printing support is important.

obviously, i think that the more versatile it is, the better it is.

just my 2 cents

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Post by Ferret-Simpson »

Hmm. . I'd use it for network serving, because Windows Server is horrifically overpriced and I never worked out how to do that part of Linux. YET.

I'd also use it for a desktop or two around the house, Maybe for the kids. . While the Adults played with OpenBSD, Slackware, IRIX, Solaris. . .

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Post by mrpixels0 »

I would like to use it for running the Unreal Editor(s) 2.0 and 3.0, so i can make maps for my server. Not exactly a great use of the ROS but one that would work for me at least.


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Post by Barreach »

Like some others have said, gaming is possibly the one main advantage that Windows currently has over every other OS. We can quite happily use Linux or Mac Os as a network server, and it's probably better. Similarly they have good office software available from word processors to web browsers. Even multimedia is good in terms of mp3 and video players, however Mac/Linux are limited in gaming..
Most commercial games are designed for Windows and while it's possible to run many of these on Linux, it's far from simple despite what many Linux gurus say (feel free to argue; that what forum are for :wink: ). Apple has given Mac users Boot Camp so they can duel boot with Windows on their Intel machines; any Mac user I know that uses it has it purely for gaming.
I think that if ReactOs can get most commercial games running then it'll be most of the way to being release ready. Getting games running smoothly and reliably I'm sure must be the hardest thing to do. Obliviously if it gets as good (or better!) than Windows I'll use if for everything.
The main problem with server development is the amount of security required, I reckon that it'll be difficult for ReactOs to compete with a solid Linux server - and I don't think that it should. ReactOs’s niche is as a desktop / client OS, not that a ReactOs Server edition wouldn't be nice I just think that it should take a back seat for a while. No point trying to do everything at once and failing at all of them. :shock:

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Post by viktor »

i'd like to use it to play with diablo. is it possible?

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Post by Avalos »

Multimedia, Gaming, Networking and Office =D

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Post by .aart3k »

i'd like to use it's xen port for dualbooting with my linux. it's a pity taht's dead port :(
reactos as os for guitar pro, adobe audition and some other stuff that wine is... slowing down ;)

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Post by madmax69 »

Replace Windows NT on control systems of US Battleships! lol!!

But seriously folks - compact Windows O/S, networked apps, web server, bootable rescue systems, C and other code development, QEMU testing, virtual machines, Linux/WINE stuff, CGI development, general web-related stuff, apps testing, and run of the mill stuff such as web-browsing. Also, collaborating with other file-shared boxes on the same LAN. General poking and fiddling about.

I find Windows 2k/XP very stable but don't like the direction Microsoft's bean counters are taking the company. I don't find a Vista-fuelled future appealing nor the prospect of having to repurchase a wodge of new kit every 3-4 yrs just to line Bill Gates' pocket!.

Carlo Bramix
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Post by Carlo Bramix »

I will use ReactOS as a platform for doing Win32 software development.
Unfortunately, this topic is missing into the poll...


Carlo Bramini

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Post by chrisv5 »

Carlo Bramix wrote:I will use ReactOS as a platform for doing Win32 software development.
Unfortunately, this topic is missing into the poll...


Carlo Bramini
ditto! would also be nice if it could be the host to some VM software. Nothing better than a resource conscious host system (better spend the resources within the VM)

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Post by VincentMX »

i'd definitely go for gaming, but other things are important as well.
i chose gaming, as it's a common use for computers. ever seen anyone from 10 to 28 y/o who doesn't have any computer games? i think, if gaming works, you'll get a big user boost.

altough, office apps are used a lot as well. nearly all offices use office software. this is probably why it's called "Office Software".

then there's server apps. for servers i don't (and probably never will) use windows. for servers you need linux, or unix.

i really like this project, although i think MS will probably sue you ppl.

OR... They will get all developers and users killed in MS style
(implement a Windows chip in our heads, showing us bsods 24/7).

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Post by madmax69 »

VincentMX said
for servers you need linux, or unix.
Hmm... no you don't. Linux is a good server O/S but that's just not true.

Assuming it's not flamebait - For any server you need a solution which is appropriate (re: "need") to it's application - that would include stuff like...

Initial software cost
Initial hardware cost
Cost of installation, commission and staff training
Cost of continuous support
Multiply by reliability factors and reliability needs (cost of downtime etc.)
Counter that against availability/skill level of support staff/engineers

A mathematically-oriented person could probably come up with a nice equation. The choice of O/S would weigh very little between these primary factors. Heck, one could even choose Novell ! - OpenNetware anyone??

For personal use the way you'd evaluate these factors would be a lot simpler. All in all it's "horses for courses" - You may be stuck with one person, some old kit and a $0.00 budget for your O/S but with some excellent Win32 software you have already got. I find Windows just fine as a server if one knows what one is doing. If you are completely clueless then Linux won't save you anyway - clueless Linux installs are quite exploitable and by no means reliable as often claimed.

Bear in mind that a whole new generation of hackers and script-kiddies are growing-up primed to attack Linux so the perception of it as a bullet-proof O/S may change in the next few years.

Hopefully this will scotch a pointless Linux v's 'doze debate and make it clear that choice of O/S is down to a lot more than what's printed on the box!

ReactOS "leverages" (ugh - abuse of English!) a huge current software base, a wide availability of excellent skills, a WINE codebase of known quality, and a very wide range of potential hardware. Heck, it will probably be more "Windows compatible" than Windows by the time Mikerowesoft has finished lol!! :D

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