ROS notepad questions

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ROS notepad questions

Post by tonik »

Where are the sources located and who is it developed by?
Will it be included into ReactOS's rosapps source tree?

Also, are developers aware of two kinds of problems when running ROS notepad on Windows:
* weird default font (bold and non-standard size/face)?
* cyrrillics display incorrectly when run on Russian Windows 2k?

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Post by blight »

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Post by uniQ »

Hmm, that whould explain why it's not in /trunk/rosapps, but then again I really didn't do an exaustive search (NOD32 flipped out).

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Post by GvG »

It's in the source tree in the reactos module: reactos/subsys/system/notepad. Yeah, I know, not an obvious place... Tree is being rearranged.

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