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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Post by terrance »


I'm trying to answer some of the most asked questions in here so our board doesn't get flooded by the same threads over and over. If you have some additions, please PM me.

Why is XY not running? Why is ReactOS so slow? ...
ReactOS is still alpha software and also labeled as such. We sure appreciate everyone that is testing our OS and is reporting real bugs, but alpha means that it is not intended for everyday use. This means mostly programs just don't run because the features aren't implemented yet.

Does ReactOS support networking?
Yes. The 0.3 release of ReactOS is our "networking release". For information how to set it up, please see the wiki or the various forum threads addressing this topic.

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Post by florian »

Please be also aware of the following ReactOS FAQs:

The User FAQ: http://www.reactos.org/en/about_userfaq.html

The Developer FAQ: http://www.reactos.org/en/dev_faq.html

(and maybe additionally the Forum FAQ: http://www.reactos.org/forum/faq.php)

Although this should be a quiet logical step - please use our Search within the Forum because very often the same questions have already been asked and answered: http://www.reactos.org/forum/search.php

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