0.3grapgical bugs

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0.3grapgical bugs

Post by kokodin »

hi i have launch 0.3 on qemu and i found maybe some bugs
1 clock is flip and not on his place
2 start bar sometime breake (displayed background color line 2px from buttom) and programs boxes are 1 or 2px lower that should be
3 explorer window has hole under menu and background or other windows are visable in this hole
4 buttons which change date/year or other things are completely different and they are badly draw (in 3d hole but in my windows they ane on top size height "half line" width "2x height")

in my opinion this should be fix before final 0.3 come true
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Post by Alkali »

Yeah, I saw the same bugs, hopfully they get fixed.
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Post by ThePhysicist »

I agree. An I have some more:
- Menu shows strange pixels on the upper right end.
- Radio buttons don't have an outline.
- Comboboxes don't work correctly. clicking into them does not open them.
- the "working" mousecursor has a longer shaft than the normal one
- The menu is not shown as flat buttons (like in WinXP). ok, not important ;-)
- flat buttons seem to be redrawn completely (not the quicklaunch buttons in explorer)

Explorer (Shell):
- Why are there 2 quicklaunch areas?
- clicking on the sound icon in the systray gives an error message (2 times):"The system cannot find the file specified"

Explorer (file manager):
- Control panel isn't shown correctly when opening it. It shows nothing. When moving the scrollbar it shows correctly.
- when selecting a new subfolder, first the selected entry is redrawn, the the complete list is redrawn. This may be an error of the listview control.

desk cpl:
- Desktop page: the preview is drawn above the computer monitor

- moving the headers gives strange behavior
- List of checkboxes doesn't work (Firefox installer)

If something is unclear, please ask. Some things are hard to describe, but you will probably know what I mean, when you look look at it.
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Post by kokodin »

sory for bug in topic nane about bugs :D

desk.cpl i agree but i musy say more
first style of desk .cpl was looking profesional and very ince but someone want image on background to make it more similar to xp look but this image isn't good for this place should be bigger, without reflections on screen (should be black to better compound with image box) and shouldn't have holder/leg :D walpaper image box shouldn't have border or border="0px" and scould have 1-2px space from image monitor screen border
on setings aplet image box should contain images witch show icons and start bar scale when resolution is changed (bigger or smaller icons on blue background)

it is maybe sugestion for design but for now it looks like bug

one more like ThePhysicist wrote when chose control panel from start menu it displayd but when start menu is going down then icons in window gone too and appears only when i remote refresh window

and one more bug when something is add to desktop folder it should appears on desktop in next refresh but it appeare only when system restart
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