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Include hardware diag tools in the OS

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:16 pm
by Lolo
Hello to everyone,

Like the subject say, I was thinking that it can be nice to include something like Memtest86+ (CPUtest86+ when available and maybe other tools)
It's les than 40-50 kb and it's GPL.

Why, would you tell me ?
1 - I've already (re)install (sure, more than 100 times :lol: ) WinOS on my computers, and several times, the install hangs because of hw problems. An option, Including a few hw tests, before starting the installation could be usefull in case of troubles.
2 - If a computer is going to have problem (instability) and reboot, it could be usefull to have, before the launching of the OS, a choice to test the memory and maybe the rest of the computer.
3 - If you don't already have MemTest86+, and your computer don't want to lauchn it OS again (because of RAM problem), it'll be difficult to download and burn that CD...:wink:

Please don't flame me. I know ReactOS is an OS and not a diagnostic tool.
It's only a suggestion....


If you need more info :


A word for the developpers : You rocks guys!!
And thanks 4 my English

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:31 pm
by blight

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:14 pm
by Lolo
blight wrote:Good idea to included Memtest... But I think this will be a little problematic because memtest needs to be the one any only application running to test the full RAM I think... I dont know if it would be possible to integrate memtest somehow into the setup and provide an option which runs it, then returns to setup.
Thanks for your answer.
Ok, but maybe it could be included in the iso file that we download, with a different start menu :
1 - Install ReactOS
2 - Run diag tools
a - Memtest86+
b - CpuTest86+ (When available...)
c - Others....
3 - Make a "Ghost" file of your installed system (usefull too! I didn't think about it before ;) )
4 - Install from a "Ghost" image file (usefull too!)
blight wrote: Tho damaged RAM isnt such a common problem as damaged PSUs are ;-)
You right, but I hope that someone will write a (GPL) recorder to show voltages instability. This recorder could be include in the system tray (or similar) like Motherboard Monitor, but more powerfull...
This little app should also be able to reduce the max CPU/GPu consumption if those voltages are to unstable (Don't worry I'm dreaming :lol: )