Will XP-PEN drawing tablet work on latest ReactOS?

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Will XP-PEN drawing tablet work on latest ReactOS?

Post by diaoluo »

I have a XP-Pen Deco 03 drawing tablet and it always worked perfectly fine on windows 10 OS , , but since I changed pc and OS ( ReactOS ) I'm having serious issues. Will XP-PEN ( https://www.xp-pen.com ) drawing tablet work on latest ReactOS? Do drawing tablets just work on Windows opposed to ReactOS?
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Re: Will XP-PEN drawing tablet work on latest ReactOS?

Post by EmuandCo »

You installed ROS on a production machine if I get things right? ReactOS is in Alpha state currently which means, we are happy if it does basic things sort of stable. I strongly recommend to NOT install it on relevant machines right now. Of course you are free to tinker with it and there are even some ppl who already use it on a daily basis, but this is nothing we can or will support right now as we still have MANY things left to fix before we can discuss about such things. Regarding your tablet... as we don't know or own the hardware, noone can guarantee that it might work. You should just try to install it as long as you are able to revert it back to a working state later on if things fail.
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes
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Re: Will XP-PEN drawing tablet work on latest ReactOS?

Post by dizt3mp3r »

To quote the FAQ:
"Testing on real hardware is especially important as it allows us to receive feedback on ReactOS kernel and driver compatibility. However, it is VITAL that you take precautions to avoid data loss.

IF you choose to test ReactOS on real hardware then be aware that you should never do so using a computer that contains valuable data or even data that has not been backed-up elsewhere. ReactOS is an alpha-grade o/s and as such could easily damage any file system you already have loaded on that system, even if it is on another drive or on a separate partition. ReactOS file system code is as much alpha-grade as is the rest of the system. The simple rule is - just keep your valuable data away from ReactOS. Some suggest that they'd like to use ReactOS now but we strongly suggest you do NOT. By all means, test it but don't try to use it in a real-life situation other than to test it, you could do damage to your data and potentially even to the machine itself, the latter is very, very unlikely but you ought to consider it before you start testing and looking for someone to blame when things go wrong.

If you want your testing to go well then choose XP or Vista era hardware as the typical combinations of hardware from that time are more likely to work with ReactOS. Later, more modern technology is best put to use running ReactOS in a VM as it is unlikely that ReactOS will boot at the hardware level at all.

SUMMARY: Don't install ReactOS anywhere where it could adversely affect your precious belongings, data or otherwise. "

Back to the subject - Testing hardware that has no drivers for XP/2003 systems is unlikely to work as the drivers will be written for later versions of Windows. I strongly suggest you read the FAQ from top to bottom before you do anything else.

I'm interested to hear about your hardware configuration that you managed to install ReactOS onto.
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