Directx 12 wrapper (DX12 files to run on win7)

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Directx 12 wrapper (DX12 files to run on win7)

Post by Hueristic »

MS has provided binary's to run directx 12 on windows 7 and I was wondering if these could be used to make a wrapper for reactos? ... windows-7/

Directx 12 exe sample for win 7 ... p/D3D12On7

And of course World of Warcraft port for DirectX 12 running on Windows 7 ... windows-7/

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Re: Directx 12 wrapper (DX12 files to run on win7)

Post by kolle_hond »

I think the devs would rather add the functions to have the OS run the binaries natively, as not a lot of companies will be bothered to re-compile their games.
But this is good news, in the sense that windows 7 support is more likely to be build earlier on the current ReactOS than windows 10 support.
If we can figure out the dependencies needed to run the windows 7 version on server 2003, we can add those as a requested feature in ReactOS, and maybe someone who knows enough about it will be willing to try adding it.

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