Newbie here: How do you change stuff?

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Newbie here: How do you change stuff?

Post by konarktriv7 »

Alright, I came to React OS because I'm addicted to customization when it comes to computers, yet at the same time absolutely love Windows (specifically old Windows like 9x and my favorite XP) and don't like Mac OS nor Linux. I like the customization Microsoft provides, but it's obviously real limited compared to this. So how do you go about changing stuff? Do I need to learn how to code or can I take dll files from Windows and swap them with the ones here, to maybe change the system icons in one fell swoop? For lack of a better way to put it, how do you mold React OS into what you want?
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Re: Newbie here: How do you change stuff?

Post by TMStreicher »

Copying Windows DLLs might fail (never tried this).
The Design-subforum is probably what you are looking for.

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